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I hate my science teacher -.- yesterday she made us do something online that she didn’t even explain and she made us work in partners that we didn’t get to pick. I got some girl who complained about everything and crumbled up the paper to start over three times -.- and she tried to get on Facebook and the computer froze and she almost got caught and got us both in trouble. Ugh. I hate school so much. {#thehost #wanda #wanderer #melaniestryder #jaredhowe #ianoshea #owanda #jelanie #jamiestryder #jebstryder #maggiestryder #doc #human #soul }

The Twilight Forever boxed set comes out November 5th! Watch the preview, link in my bio! Will you be getting it? I’m not sure if I will since it’s really expensive and I’m sorta fading out of my Twilight obsession, but I still might.
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So I literally got this done today, hence why she’s swollen like hell and looks a bit out of proportion! But honestly where do I begin about Hayley Williams?

Many of you think she’s ‘sold out’ but you know what? To me she will always be my hero, and in my eyes she’s just progressed as an individual.

Some time in 2005-

When I fist started listening to rock music, I always thought that to become successful, you needed your parents to belong to some kind of industry and that you had to simply shadow in their footsteps. I then flick on the TV to see some fiery red head girl in a t-shirt and jeans jumping around a stage. I then saw how huge the crowd was. Here in front of my very eyes was a young girl not much older than me (I was 11 at the time) having the time of her life, and making something of herself from nothing. Needless to say I went to the nearest HMV and used up all of pocket money and brought my copy of “All We Know Is Falling.”

1st February 2008-

My first ever gig and I was about to watch Paramore at Brixton Academy, London. I can still remember every moment and detail of that show. From headbanging like some crazy fan girl to New Found Glory’s “Kiss Me” to the groundbreaking moment of Paramore’s finale “My Heart.” Around this age (14) I had an idea of what tattoos I wanted and decided that I would like to have a Hayley Williams portrait done. However I decided to wait until I met her before I got it done…

Sunday 29th August 2010-

I queued all day to meet Paramore. And yes I missed loads of cool bands and YES I only had two hours sleep, but being at the front for the signing tent was all worth it. By now I had seen Paramore countless times, however it was today of all days that would help me to decide if I wanted to get my dream tattoo done. So I met Hayley first, a small girl hidden among a leopard fur print coat behind a barrier that seemed JUST far too big for her. I told her my story as to why she was my hero in as little words as possible and to my surprise she looked genuinely shocked and happy as I told her of her encouragement helping me land my dream job as a music journalist. She then signed my items and as I was told to move along (which is understandable), she stopped me, asked the NME photographer to take a photo of me before asking my name. (Now I won’t upload the photo as I look like a worn out rotting potato- no joke but you can see it here for yourself EURGH DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!!!) and as cheesy as it sounds, because of her reaction it finalized my decision- I was getting my Hayley Williams portrait done. 

13th November 2010-

Reluctantly I somehow managed to get a ticket for Paramore at the O2 Arena. I did commit the ultimate fan girl crime by staying out over night and FOR THE LOVE OF ZEUS I managed to be the very first person in the queue with two of my best friends! I fought like The Hunger Games to keep my spot, and thankfully I managed to somehow make it pass the'wethinkwe'recoolbecauseourparentsarerichandwecanaffordtojoinuptotheofficialfanclubinordertoqueuejump' fans to the center of the front barrier.  Again, from previously seeing them in Brighton in 2009, I knew what to expect, however this show just blew my mind completely. A set filled with songs from all three albums, a backdrop that I never imagined could be sooo cool and of course an unforgettable performance. Now what made this show extra special, was when Paramore played one of my all time favorite songs from Riot! called “When It Rains”. Needless to say I cried like a fool and looking back at all of these moments now, I laugh it off. 

Now (2013):

By now Paramore have gone through hell and back, and sadly, my life took kind of the same turns. Although, seeing how Hayley went through it all with her head held high (you guys probably know what I mean by that ‘certain’ photo and those ‘certain’ two brothers) in some way made me stronger (EURGH CRINGE), again thinking back to my 11 year old self and realizing how much of an extraordinary but amazing person she is. My life took a turn for the worst this year when I was diagnosed with extreme anxiety, but you wanna know what kept me going? And this sounds sooooo stupid, but the thought of seeing Paramore this Friday (27/09/2013) in London. And what will make this show extra special for me, is not only having a tattoo of Hayley, but understanding how fortunate I’ve been to get this far in life despite everything I’ve gone through and that Hayley Williams, (even though I’m pretty sure she isn’t really aware of my existence) will always manage to achieve so many successes, go through all the troubles of life and come out alright on the other side.

Well Hayley Williams, after being a fan of yours and Paramore’s for almost nine years, I am truly thankful for you guys. You have no idea.

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